The building was set as almost a time capsule for a number of years when Jeff Shoemaker and Wallace Harding were able to make arrangements to purchase the property.


Jeff and Wallace both came from a background in the bar industry in San Antonio and had spent time in “The Fox” as customers and were elated to have the opportunity to bring back a landmark.


“We wanted to keep the essence of what it was” stated Jeff Shoemaker in one interview, where Wallace chimed in with “just a tad more updated”.  It took a little over 8 months for the guys to get the property to where they wanted it.


They added a large wooden deck, BBQ pit, washer boards, and a few tables to the “yard”.  On the inside they left it very much the same, did a remodel behind the bar, reinstalled the draught system, a couple of coats of paint and away they went.


Come see the Best Kept Secret in Leon Springs

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